Who we are


Research journeys start from observation. Entering natural and cultural landscapes, trying to understand what surrounds us and learning through experience and direct observation. While all this is certainly possible by yourself, it is all the more more satisfying if undertaken with travel companions with whom to share the experience: without competition and driven by the sole desire to discover and have fun in company, supported by an expert guide who can suggest some interpretations on what we see and which will contribute not only making our day more pleasant and full of precious moments, but also providing with new insights according to the most modern guidelines environmental conservation as a global concept of rediscovery and well-being, external landscapes which, if better understood, contribute to expand our inner landscapes.

The Guide

Passionate traveler and creator of unusual itineraries in often complex territories.
Hours and hours spent as a child on the pages of old atlases and geography books, looking for “green” areas and the most imaginative ways to reach and connect them, have allowed him an in-depth knowledge of world geography which, combined with an implacable curiosity, have led him over the years to realize absolute adventures in some of the most remote and interesting places in the globe by foot or off road vehicles in autonomy and in contact with local realities, outside the schemes imposed by international tourism, including adventure tourism. Passionate about the history of explorations and great travel writers, he has always sought the “soul” of travel, a common thread that is not always clearly visible, but capable of motivating us to conduct field research starting from study and planning, deduction derived from observation, and creation of the experience